RGS-IBG PGF mid-term conference

This week I attended my first Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers conference, run by the Post Graduate Forum (http://www.pgforum.org.uk/). That’s a lot of acronyms and even I wasn’t 100% sure what they meant until I googled it! The event was held at Loughborough University, where I am currently a second year PhD research student. To be honest, the main reason I went was probably because of ease of access, I come from a physical geography background and the RGS is seen by many, to be associated with mainly human geography. Before the conference I didn’t know what to expect. However, I have been pleasantly surprised and enjoyed hearing about lots of different research projects. The PGF is a supportive and friendly event for PhD students to present their work to the postgraduate community‘ and it definitely was a friendly atmosphere and a good environment to meet other geographers from the UK and beyond.

I chose not to present my work in a presentation, but in a poster (see below). I have to admit that I didn’t have lots of interest or talks specifically about my work. Although everyone seemed to like the poster itself. Whilst creating the poster I found it difficult to understand the purpose of a poster…I guess the audience makes a huge difference and this is definitely in a scientific style with more text than I would like. Then there’s the reason for the poster in the first place, am I drawing someone in to talk to me, or is the poster there to communicate with other researchers when I am actually not stood there and available to talk to about it. Does anyone actually read posters? I’m not sure I would stand there and read a lot of text, especially if the person who created the poster was stood next to it.


Anyways, as I mentioned I am at the start of my second year and still have lots of ideas and enthusiasm pumping through my veins. So the poster shows the result of the first year of the PhD, the literature review and my aims and methodology for use in the second year. I have planned a series of experiments to determine soil characteristics and purchased equipment that will be used for long-term monitoring of individual hydrological processes within and at distances away from field boundaries. This is where I currently am, planning fieldwork trips to get into the field and collect data!

Any comments, thoughts etc. please contact me 🙂